Steve Roach

A compilation of ten short stories from Steve Roach, one of the UK’s many exciting writers that have emerged from the Independent scene.

This book is intended as a ‘sampler’, so readers can buy a cheap paperback to check out Steve’s work. All of the stories (and many more) are included in the paperback ‘All That Will Be Lost’. If you already know and like Steve’s writing, please go straight to ‘All That Will Be Lost’ instead.

‘The Hunt and Other Stories’ includes the following:

The Hunt
When fox hunting is once again legalised, protestors confront August Crabbe and warn him not to go ahead with the hunt he has planned for the following day. Crabbe, however, is not a man who takes ridiculous threats seriously and continues regardless. He soon wishes he hadn’t.

The Brown Sweets
Friends Brian and Stan are discussing who they should offer a trick sweet to when Old Duff walks into the pub. The sweets are incredibly strong laxatives and when Old Duff accepts the offer and takes two, the friends fail to predict the carnage that will ensue.

The Davison’s Party
We’d all heard rumours about what went on at the Davison’s parties. Twisted and disgusting things, things you’d never forget however hard you tried. When an invite unexpectedly dropped through my letterbox one day, I didn’t have to think long about whether or not I wanted to go. Of course I wanted to go! Who doesn’t want to see some weird shit now and then? But I learned the hard way that there’s always some poor bastard on the receiving end and this time it would be me.

“I find that many books merge into one another in my mind and after a year or so, I can’t remember what it was about, or even what I found so special about it. With Steve Roach you know you’ll never read another story like his. His work has a way of fixing itself in your mind forever. These stories are often not a comfortable read but if you want your ideas stretched and challenged, have a go.”
Ignite, Amazon Reviewer