Steve Roach

contains the following stories:


+ Bonsher

3 short stories and 1 novelette.  Includes the following:

The Seagull
A miserable old man finds a seagull chick in his front garden one day.  He can’t help but think of what this chick will become, a vicious predator that would soon join the ranks of the airborne monsters that terrorise his part of the city.  Dark thought swirl through his mind, culminating in an atrocious act that brings on a nightmare from which he will never recover.

Frail old Mr Carter accepts an invitation to give a short talk to a class of schoolchildren as part of a community project.

Ben Goodman thinks that if everybody else was just like him the world would be a better place.  When strange figures begin appearing in his life, the theory is put to the test.

The Haemorrhoid
For fifty years, Wilf Butterby has been at the mercy of a monster hanging from his arse.  Desperate and lonely, Wilf decides one day that enough is enough.  But the pile isn’t going down without a fight.