Steve Roach

contains the following stories:


+ Terrorzoid Attack! + Wexley + Soundslaves + Trifucta + Planet of Maniacs

7 short stories.  Includes the following:

Mr X
Every time he wakes up, the man has no idea where he is.  Or who he is.  All he knows is that he must find the killer of his family. 

Terrorzoid Attack!
A struggling writer meets his agent for a spot of lunch.  Travelling across London is bad enough without the additional hassle of an alien invasion happening all around. 

A highly organised team of burglars descend on an isolated village and round up the residents before plundering their houses.  What should be a straightforward job descends into chaos and terror as the criminals uncover secrets that should have been left well alone.

A man discovers the secret that binds us all to corporate slavery.

A man obsessed with a porn star.  An actress who wants to quit the industry.  A nervous young performer on his first day.  Their worlds collide one day and the course of their lives is changed forever.

Experiments With Humans
An experiment to define the true nature of humanity, where children are raised with no contact with the outside world.  In a government owned facility, scientists observe a number of test subjects and file daily reports, all stamped with a blue butterfly symbol before being archived.  As the years go by, strange things begin to happen and our very nature is called into question – are there dormant powers buried deep within us, forgotten in the modern world? 

Planet of Maniacs
A race of aliens has been rampaging through interstellar space leaving a collection of ruined planets in their wake.  When scientists on Earth become aware of their presence, they come up with a plan…