Steve Roach

contains the following stories:

Down in New Orleans
Quinton and the Attic
The Way Out is Through


Two short stories and a novella, all set in New Orleans during the time of hurricane Katrina. 
As one of the most devastating natural disasters ever to strike North America plays out, the lives of New Orleans’ residents are thrown into turmoil.  ‘The New Orleans Trilogy’ charts the progress of a few of these people as they struggle to make sense of the chaos and search for a way out of the flooded city.

Down in New Orleans
A man finds himself out of work after giving his best years to his employer.  Struggling with the idea of being redundant, he sinks into a depression.  One terrible day, a tragic accident befalls his young daughter, and when he thought things couldn’t get any worse he suddenly finds himself entertaining suicidal thoughts.

Quinton And The Attic
As the levees break, water pours into the Lower Ninth and the streets begin to flood.  Early in the morning, Quinton Foley wakes to find his bedroom filling with freezing, dirty water.  Waking his elderly parents, they seek refuge in their attic and can only watch in horror as the flood waters continue to rise. 

The Way Out Is Through
Schwarzesloch remains in the city as Katrina strikes, holed up in his house as the world seems to collapse around it.  Once the storm is over, he is forced to abandon his property and take to the flooded streets.  As he makes his way towards the perceived safety of the Superdome, he meets an unlikely travelling companion and, during the next few days, they do whatever they can to escape the city. The authorities seem to have abandoned New Orleans.  Nowhere is safe.  There is no law.  Society has broken down and only the strongest will survive.